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Press Release of 20 August 2018

Abruzzo Rally postponed to further date TBA
“Lightning strikes out of the blue, a few days before the event, on the first edition of the Rally d’Abruzzo. Despite all the required formalities having been formalised, the Ente Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso Authority decided not to issue the authorisations for two special stages out of three. Specifically the SS Zaccagnini and SS Diodoro Ecologia. According to the authority the event is not compatible with the institutional purposes, does not guarantee the measures to safeguard the park and increases the vulnerability of the sites concerned. The experience and the assurances of all the subjects involved in the organisation were of no avail.
A decision which is difficult to accept, that forces us to postpone the race to a date to be advised and which puts at risk a year of work and economic efforts by Motorsport Italia and all its partners.”